Our territory

Dante School is situated at 6090 Lachenaie Street in the southeast sector of St. Leonard. St. Leonard is a suburb on the eastern side of the Island and is adjacent to Anjou in the east, St. Michel in the west. The territory of Dante School is defined by the Metropolitain Blvd. in the north, Dollier St. in the west, Blvd. Roi Rene in the east and the waterfront in the south.

Our History

In September 1968, Dante became an elementary school for the rapidly expanding primary school-aged population in the area. It remained a bilingual elementary school, housing English and French speaking primary students until September 1977 when Dante became the first English elementary school in St. Leonard.

Our School Population

Currently, Dante School has 286 students registered in 12 elementary and 4 Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten groups. The school offers a Bilingual program. It also provides services, through our Resource teachers, to students who need extra support. These teachers work as a team with the homeroom teachers in order to integrate our special needs students in their regular classes.

In addition to the regular staff, Dante School has specialist teachers for Physical Education, Musique, Arts Plastique and Italian which is integrated in the children’s schedule. Currently, each class has a Smart Board available for the teachers to present their lessons to their students. The computer lab is equipped with new touch screen. In addition, there are two roving labs with laptops for special projects. We also have 25 Apple iPads.

Dante School continues to strive in encouraging success for each student through a supportive partnership among our school staff, parents and community.